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+5 votes
in Feature requests by pchappuis (170 points)
I find Lab Caches very importent in the statistics!

1 Answer

+4 votes
by Target. (Expert) (104k points)
Even though Lab caches are not in the API, Project-GC could provide a panel where the users supply the dates and count of Lab caches they have done.  Then, those could be combined with the API info to generate the stats like   Until the Lab caches are included, I won't use Project-GC stats as the numbers and milestones are off by the number of Lab caches I have done.  There are other stat generators that "properly" handles Lab caches.
Went to my first Mega at w/e and happily took part in my first "Lab Cache" - which was bit of a farce TBH, as we just wandered around the showground looking at placed items (e.g. playing cards, skull, lock on a bridge railing full of locks, etc) and at each stage had to think of an associated password. Punched the PW into the "Lab Cache" app, but there was no logbook to sign - I unexpectedly ended up with an additional 10 finds on my profile!! Now I see some stats reflect these "10 Finds" but not other stats - then horrifyingly I found "Project-GC" doesn't show Lab Caches at all, because the data is not included in the API from Groundspeak!!! So now and Project-GC stats do not match by 10 finds. You can delete the Lab Cache "finds" in your profile, but I feel Lab Caches have not really been thought out properly by Groundspeak. Virtuals (which I enjoyed) were removed and illogical Lab Caches brought in instead. Not impressed TBH.

Either Lab Caches should be sorted & supported properly and included in the API and MyFinds stats ... or be ditched!
The right place to complain is to groundspeek becaude pgc has noting to do with what is included in the API
I posted my above comments on the groundspeak forum first, then copied them on this PGC forum for info. For sure it is groundspeak's responsibility to sort out.