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Gallery load "x" last Photos?

+6 votes

The Gallery is a perfect tool to see photos of all the caches I want!

But there are Caches that have more than 200 pictures... and that takes a long time to load them all...

So my request would be to add a new filter, for example: "load last 20 pictures" where the number can be changed by the user. :-)


asked Mar 21, 2015 in Feature requests by Dandroider (630 points)
I totally agree with you! I have several thousand images in my gallery, and the only thing this tool does if I check my own profile, is to crash my browser.
I have bookmarked this topic and we will get back to it at some point.

Sorry for the late answer, I had totally missed it, but found it today when going through the questions with the most votes.
Hi ganja1447, any news about this? It's planned to make this possible? :-)

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