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0 votes
Is a special FTF-Tag in a log required in order to catch a FTF with this project? Or is it enough to type FTF anywhere in the log, and doesn't matter if FTF is within smilies or in combination with other syntax like Team-FTF, etc? Thanxalot vikking
in Support and help by vikking (120 points)
Thank you for your answers, I learned something about it works!

2 Answers

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Just FTF is not enough, since people write things like "Missed the FTF by five minutes" all the time without actually being FTF.

There are a few combinations of smilies and "FTF" that do trigger detection of a log being an FTF without being a supported FTF tag, but they are exactly that: unsupported. To be sure, use one of the tags listed in the FAQ. Also note that you don't need to edit all your old logs. You can also create a public bookmark list with all your FTFs that don't have an FTF tag in the log and then specify that bookmark list as your FTF bookmark list in your profile on Project-GC (combining the FTF bookmark list and FTF tags is no problem).
by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (185k points)
0 votes

Look here:


First to Finds isn't something that is officially supported by Groundspeak, therefore we can not retrieve this data from them. What Project-GC is doing is that it's looking for tags in your found logs. Some of those that are supported are:

{*FTF*} {FTF} (FTF) [FTF]

by Team Karlsen (4.2k points)