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0 votes
I tried the gallery today and realised that the filter on bookmark lists that I have on does not work correctly. When I retrieve the list, only the FTF list is shown, none of the other 4 lists I have. Same behaviour in "map bookmarklist". Any clues?


in Bug reports by DerLakaiMS (6.7k points)

1 Answer

0 votes
Best answer
Are the other lists public?
by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (165k points)
selected by DerLakaiMS
Thanks for the prompt reply. Well, the FTF list was public, the other not. However, switching the others to public does not help to show them in PGC. Also some of them were shared, but not the FTF list, so this sould not matter.

PS: in any case - the bookmark-List feature in is not great, so once the Virtual GPS can feed back into PQs (via bookmark lists) I don't need them any more. However, with the iPhone app there is not alternative at the moment.
I think Project-GC fetches information about your bookmark lists only a few times each day, so I'm not sure if changing a list to public will make any difference immediately. Give it another try in 8 hours or something.
Thanks, Problem solved