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FTF@2015 are incorrectly counted as FTFs.

0 votes
Recently, I have added "FTF@2015" as part of logs where I have been the first finder in 2015. These should not be counted on my FTF stats, of course, but they are. Suddenly, I have three FTFs too many. E.g.
asked Apr 2, 2015 in Bug reports by Team Dreggen 2 (220 points)

3 Answers

+1 vote
The problem is that looks very much like you are saying that you were first to find and found it at 8:15 pm.

Perhaps instead say FTF in 2015 in your logs?

That said perhaps Project GC shouldn't include FTF logs if there are finds logged for a previous date?
answered Apr 2, 2015 by mole125 (Expert) (20,060 points)
But checking that is a lot of additional work. Now you only have to scan for the right syntax (linear), instead of comparing things (not linear). It is all about how people write their FTFs in their logs anyway, if someone does not use the syntax it doesn't show up either.
It would also lead to that my FTF wouldn't count if someone logs the cache on the wrong date, which do happen.
That's a fair point
0 votes
Yes, this is a side effect of the system. I do not see is a bug though. Exactly like mentioned in another answer, it's more or less identical to FTF at 8:15 pm (but for 24h time users).

Since it's such corner case, we will not try to solve this problem.
answered Apr 2, 2015 by magma1447 (Admin) (221,810 points)
Thank you for your quick answers. I will of course change my logs, and I guess the FTFs will disappear from my stats in the near future.

I must have misunderstood this concept, because I thought that one needed to enclose the FTF in some sort of brackets or parantheses to be counted in the statistics.

Thank you again.
The thing is that the site's information says that there are 3 valid tags. But in fact there are a few unofficial ones as well. We have tried to adjust to what users has been using in different countries. And the one mentioned above is one of those that aren't really official.
0 votes
I'm having a similar issue. In my stats a FTF is not counted because I put CO-FTF.
answered Apr 5, 2015 by MatthewCat (2,660 points)
You can either edit the log to add a {FTF} tag at the end of it, or alternatively maintain a bookmark list containing the list of your FTF.

See the FTF section of the FAQ ( for more details