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I have a new checker that allows you to check for various combinations of number of countries, number of regions, number of regions in a certain set of countries etc.

I've also added continent definitions (there are a few iffy ones: Russia, Turkey), so you can check for number of continents found.

Check it out, and let me know if you need some updates to work with a specific challenge. I'll probably add counties at some point if necessary.
in Miscellaneous by alarobric (250 points)
I did a quick look in the code and noticed that a lot of countries are missing
there is 320 " =320/2=160 countries in the continent definition and search page has 250 countries in the sourcecode
I would guess that tourist that has travled to a counties and made a singe find would like to have it counted. I noticed your code with unknown counties but the result on auto bacgroundchecking will be incorrect
You could do a two level definition of continents with regions in them.
It will help a bit but not on all cases. Turkey and Egypt has region that is in two continents. Russia too but i would guess it is few finds/geocaches in the area between ural mountain and Kazakhstan (that also has territory in Europe).

One thing more is missing: output of the caches that are used. I suspect a log of challenges require the used caches in the find log.
Yes I only made it partway through the Groundspeak list. I did include every country with more than 10 geocaches in 2013, but there's still more to add.
I put Turkey in Asia, Russia in Europe, and Egypt in Africa, but I'm aware that won't suit everyone. Sadly there are a lot of different definitions of continents, or even how many there are, and so it is not clear what the best approach would be.

Regarding the cache output, I'll work on that as well. Vogelbird has given me some similar suggestions. Thanks.

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