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in Feature requests by RPStew (2.8k points)

2 Answers

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You can almost do that with vgps ang build gpx.

The largest diffrence if that you have to add the caches you whant to have in them from another place like mapcompare and the result is not autouppdated like QP;s but the criterias you can use to select cachers is a log more flexabel
by Target. (Expert) (104k points)
selected by RPStew
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Not sure about what you want more exactly. There is no reason for us to build the exact same functionallity as has. Instead we have a more flexible way to build GPX files. See this video:
by magma1447 (Admin) (241k points)
No, not exactly same functionallity as, their filtering options are too course. They have no option for selecting i.e. counties (swe: kommuner), only the center point and radius option, which in many cases forces me to create overlaping PQ's to cover an area completely because of their 1000 caches limitation.

Project-gc has the option to do this county filtering. But, unfortunately, not the option to "subscribe" for a PQ for ie my home area, combined with "not found by me, not owned by me and enabled" caches.
I said counties, not countries. I don't want a PQ containing all of sweden (~90000 caches), I want the counties closest to me (a few thousand caches). Without having to make overlapping areas (circles).
We will look into this. However, it will be hard for us to make sure that our data is up to date enough for every geocache in larger areas. We are currently having some discussions with Groundspeak of how to optimize the usage of the API. After this, we might be able to do some "smarter" things to make it smoother.
I too would endorse a feature request for the ability to create PQ's directly from Virtual PC. And for the same reasons as others have mentioned: PQ's directly from are too course, while Virtual PC allows for much more flexibility to build the query. Thanks.