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+2 votes
Would it be possible to map caches containing trackables within given parameters, such as country, county, cache type, etc? We live in a tiny country with low cache visits. An option to search and rescue stuck trackables might be a good idea.
in Feature requests by terratin (520 points)
About rescuing stuck trackables, you can have a look at I don't know if you already knew that.
Cheers, yes I know that site. I was rather thinking of checking the whole country for stuck trackables. Situation: tiny country: easy to get from one side to the other in 3 hours, but very few cachers and summer temperatures of up to 50 degrees C (120F?). Any trackable in a cache will stay there for a long time.

1 Answer

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As it is today, that isn't possible. Groundspeaks API isn't well adjusted for this and due to that we can not with reasonable efforts track this data on that level.

It is something we have looked at more than once, but it seems to be quite impossible actually. Tracking specific trackables would however be technically possible. But something we have decided to not focus on yet, since there are so many other things that we have prioritized higher.
by magma1447 (Admin) (235k points)
selected by terratin
Thanks ganja,
clear answer :)
It is very surprising that the API doesn't allow that :-( I hope it will be possible one day. I would have been very interested by that feature.