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0 votes
It would be really cool to have a way to see what DNFs you've logged that have/haven't been avenged.   Additional details about how many times you've DNF'd it and how the duration of time between DNF and the find would be awesome.
in Feature requests by Red 07Z (120 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
When you say 'avenged', I assume you mean 'later found'.

Personally I'm not sure what use this would serve. There are many caches I've logged as a DNF that I'm unlikely to go back to. Equally, there's a few that I DNF'd more than once or twice before finding it.

Some people simply don't log DNFs at all. Because of this, there wouldn't be much use for comparison stats, because there'd be no guarantee they're correct.

Also, what would happen if you'd DNF'd it and it was then archived?

Personally, I prefer to see the stats for caches which I've found, rather than those I haven't, but that might just be me. :)
by Paperballpark (11.5k points)
Alot of people find DNF statistics as interesting as find statistics.  Difficult and challenging caches sometimes take more than one attempt to find.  Sometimes you just miss finding a cache and it continues to be found for years and years by others.  

If you DNF a cache, you really should log it as it's a useful indication to the cache owner and others that something might be going on.
I know it's useful to the CO if people log a DNF, and I always do, but not everyone does.
I agree these statistics aren't useful for comparison, but if a cacher does log DNFs and was able to see active caches on a map that they have previously DNFd and haven't since found then it would be extremely useful to help plan caching trips. Whilst there are some I'll never go back to, being able to see on a map ones to aim for (or maybe avoid) would be useful.

Perhaps the simplest way would be to add a new filter option to map compare allowing you to either only include caches with an (unresolved) DNF or exclude ones where there have been a DNF.