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In my profile you can clearly see I have found caches in all months except in 2000, a few in 2001 and 1 in 2002 and 2005.

When I use Tools, Map Hidden Month I could easily find caches from those months.

Last week i change my GC profile to show the dates as dd/mm/yyyy (instead of mm/dd/yyyy).

Since then my Maps Hidden Month shows caches for month that I already have, and it also shows caches that I have already found.

Anyone a clue what might be the problem? Am I the only one?

Same seems to be the probelem for Map Hidden Date.

closed with the note: cannot reproduce it anymore
in Bug reports by geospaap (210 points)
closed by geospaap
I can not reproduce the issue you are describing. Can you add a link to where you see this issue, and an example of a geocache that should not appear there?
The problem occurred 1 or 2 days after I changed preferences on GC, to show my date dd/mm/yyyy.

Yesterday I changed it back (to mm/dd/yyyy), but problem was still there. Today (again 1 day later) the Hidden Month and Hidden Date seem to work fine.

Just now I changed my GC settings again to dd/mm/yyyy but it still works. I will check tomorrow.

My prelimanary conclusion:
- when you change settings on GC, they are not synchronised with Project-GC rightaway, but next day or second net day
- when settings for dates are dd/mm/yyyyy PGC shows too much and wrong caches for Hidden Month and Date.

I will update this on Sunday

Thank you for your support so far
Project-GC is not aware of what date format you are using at That you changed the date format about at the same time is just a coincidence.
I could not find the problem back again. Either i did something wrong or there was a hick-up at P-GC.
I will close the case.
Thank you