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A group of my friends are into finding long lost caches. We find both active and archived long lost caches.  I'd like to see a stats page for this.

I understand there is a "Top Archived Loggers" stat.  This is a totally different thing - and does not interest us.

We believe the skill is tracking down the long lost caches and being the first to find them in a considerable length of time.

I believe the best way to do this is to consider the previous "Found it" log before mine.  Then expressing this difference in an amount of days.

Obviously, only caches with a significant time gap between "Found it" logs would be of interest - say 183 days (6 months)?
in Feature requests by Fangsoki (200 points)
The 'Long Lost' aspect applies to those not archived as well ... a stat on 'Long Lost' with or without including the Archiveds would be cool

1 Answer

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This is not technically possible without making the system very complex or using a huge amount of resources. It's therefore unlikely that something like this will come to exist.

But if more wants it, feel free to up-vote the question. We will always reconsider everything with time.
by magma1447 (Admin) (224k points)
Many thanks for your answer.

We run macros at the moment that give us the information.  The user does indeed have to download all logs for all their found caches in GSAK.  The macro then compares the current user's "Found it" log with the previous "Found it" log and reports the difference.

I was under the impression that Project-GC held logs for caches?  Perhaps my impression be wrong.

Many thanks, once again, for looking into this quickly :-)
I might have misunderstood you. I thought you were after a top list. In the case of a top list it gets very expensive. Your example would mean to do the math on ~5000 geocaches with maybe 100 logs each. Creating a top list would be to handle 4 million logs, and in more or less real-time.

Just calculating the number itself for one user wouldn't be impossible of course.

Though I feel that the concept is very vague and different users will want different cut-offs.
Thanks again for the reply.

You can see my GC profile at the below link (I am guessing that will work in these forums) -:

In the "Lost Caches" section is what I am referring to.  I agree that there would be contention about the various cutoffs.  "183 days" does seem like a fair number to me.
There is a challenge in Växjö that is similar in concept, to log one of the three  caches in the region that has the oldest last found.

I'd love to see a function that could help here :)

locating caches that have not been found for a while is simple, use this:
but to calculate which of your finds had been unfound for a long time requires loading all logs for all of your caches and finding the log closest before. that is a little more expensive i guess.
Several Challenge caches require you to find "lonely geocaches" (caches not found in a year or 6 months(depending on the local definition of "lonely)).

It would be nice to have a function, perhaps a challenge checker, to see if you qualify for these types of challenges.

Here are som examples of such challenges: