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–1 vote
Trying to fill in my Alpha Numberic tables for caches that start with each letter and numbers a-z 0-9

Can do search for caches containing letter then pick out the ones starting

but when it comes to finding cachers name that starts with each letter or number theres no easy way of doing it

i know of .



a too like the D/T matris would be nice
in Feature requests by Simrebel (460 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
You can use Tools->Map Compare, then Add field Cache name, then enter your letter in the Begins With field.  It's a feature for payment members only, though.
by SeekerSupreme (5.0k points)
Good for cache name, but wont let me select profile name  to get cache placed by X
Yeah, that one is more difficult.  You could use a tool like GSAK, or with some patience do it on  On, select searches near you.  Then in your browser find "by X" where X is whatever letter you are looking for.  When you don't find on the first page, go to next page and repeat.  Like I said, patience is needed.
The best way on pgc is to add all caches in an area to the vgps and filter on beginning of "owner" or "placed by" depending of what is needed.
You can add a lot of caches to the vgps the limitation is the number listed in for example map compare Hidden date i a good way to split the result down to the 10000 listed there. and PQ splitter can be used to get dates