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+1 vote
Could you make a tool where you can put in the actual coordinates for a mystery or multi cache? It would be really useful.
in Miscellaneous by Quiza (820 points)
I think you will have to elaborate on what you actually want.

1 Answer

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I think what you need already exists. There are a two different steps to do this:

- Go to the cache page on In the Personal Cache Note field, enter the final coordinates (and perhaps other notes).

- On Project-GC, various pages (like Map Compare) will now show these caches on the position of the solved coordinates instead of the original coordinates (and there is a setting to toggle between which place you want to see them shown on).

Also note that it may take a little while for Project-GC to notice that you have entered solutions for caches. Allow 24 hours for this update.
by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (179k points)
selected by Quiza
Can you please tell me where exactly can I find this switch to change the settings?

Also, I keep the final coordinates of various caches in my Personal Cache Notes, yet still I can't see them in my statistics counted according to the final position.

And last but not least - how about those user-updated coordinates? You can manually change the cache's position to for example the final position. Does Project-gc take into account these changes? Because I have put there the final coordinates of the vast majority of my solved multies and puzzles and still I can't see this here in my statistics.

For example there is this multicache that starts in a valley and the final is on the top of a mountain, I have the final coordinates both in the Personal Cache Note field AND the manually corrected coordinates, it should be in my highest top 5 caches by elevation, but it's not.

What might be the problem?
The switch I'm talking about is found on all maps. There's a G-icon in the top left of the map. Under that is a checkbox icon that controls whether the cache is shown in the posted coordinates or the corrected coordinates.

As for your other question, the corrected coordinates are only used for map display. For statistics, we always use the posted coordinates. There are lots of challenges that require you to have found caches that fulfil various requirements. It would be weird if it was not possible to verify this for someone else, so using corrected coordinates (only visible to you) isn't a good option.