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+1 vote

Why is France not colored in green on my world map, although I have found 14 caches there? My French finds are in Strasbourg, could it be that this is somehow too close to the German border? (France IS shown in green on my European map though.)

Same problem in Russia btw, 3 Caches found in St. Petersburg, but not shown on the Russian regions map...

in Bug reports by f1nn (130 points)

2 Answers

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Me something similar happened. States of Europe, in which I findings were white. After the expiry of 24 hours, everything was fine. Bite wait.

by myrathor (780 points)
+1 vote
We did some changes regarding France a few days ago. While we were fixing, we might have generated some faulty maps actually, these are now cached at an external host, but they should expire soon.

If this has corrected itself within 10 days from now, please inform us and we will investigate.
by magma1447 (Admin) (235k points)
It's been two months now, but the problem is still there. France is still white on my world map (and green on the European map).
Also, St. Petersburg is white on the Russian map, although it says "Санкт-Петербург: 3" right underneath it.
Hi, same on my account: France is still White instead of Green
Please see this thread:

The fix has been released, but it takes a few days until it affects everyone. From what I can see, your world map is already fixed (