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There is a similar macro on GSAK, The Day of Hell Challenge, but that one does not allow finds on the same day after 666 has been reached, so it does not work on this one.
in Miscellaneous by toonburner (420 points)
edited by toonburner

1 Answer

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I have coded a checker and it is available at

I had an old similar checker that i was going to modify but the code was so ugly that i made a new one.
by Target. (Expert) (104k points)
selected by toonburner
Thanks for that, however it doesn't tell me which caches make up the consecutive 666 points instead saying "I had 2362.5 points from 131 on 2013-03-09". For this challenge you need 666 points.
I made a mistake reading the requirement. A fix will appear in a few minutes
There are at least two different ways to read the challenge and i thin that different logger have used different interpretations:

Looking at rule 6 you can log other caches after you have reached 666.
The rule imply that you can't log other caches before you reach 666 points?
ie the sum of the first n caches during the day shall be exactly 666?

If you use a subset of any caches during the day to reach exactly 666 points the checker is a harder problem an i have to think how to solve it.

If you use A only 7 of the 10 last find are correct.
But the text below the images says it has to a continuous run that starts with first cache of the day. I think A i the correct interpretation and the checker is now implemented according to A

If B is correct it is harder to write a checker.
I think the problem is
I am not sure it is easy to implement i lua and if the algoritm will work in the allotted time for the checker.
Great work, many thanks!
I am quite sure it's the A example that is correct. In the "intro"-text it says "continuous run of caches to reach exactly 666 Points". It would have been much clearer if that part was mentioned in the list of rules though.