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Bin erst seit kurzem hier zahlendes Mitglied.


Ich weiß, daß es verzögert ist, bis die neuesten gefunden caches in der Statistik richtig gezählt sind.


Jedoch fehlen mir seit kurzem ca. 3 Caches insgesammt. Ich glaube, das war an dem Tag, als von GC die große Abschaltung war.

Ist damit zu rechnen, daß der Fehler automatisch in nächster Zeit behoben wird, oder kann ich selbst etwas tun??


Merci für Hilfe

Update from 30.04.2015


So now, sorry for my realy bad english, but as I learnd, this is the official language, to write in this forum ;-)


Till today there is no positiv change in my account.

The daily update is working, and my new finds are shown in my account.


But: there are constantly 3 till 4 founds, that are not shown in my account. But not the newest!!!

That are founds, that I made severel (I think 14 days) ago.

Still the waymark at 1.000 th found is incorrect.

At my geocaching.account. on Groundspeak there are (and I know, the Lab-Caches are not in count!!) 3 - 4 founds more listed. I think, there was a troble at the Groundspeak-website, I think when the web-side was updated durin March or April this year. Till that time ther is that problem.


Are you working on it???

Thanks for your kindly regard.

Best Whises


in Support and help by glastiger_and_family (450 points)
edited by glastiger_and_family
update  03.05.2015
now I know my fault!!!
it is because of the 3 found Lab-Caches, I made in April!!!
they count on my automatically found-logs, but are not recognised as found either on Grounndspeak Geocaches than on project-GC.
anybody an idee about correcting the counts on the statistics??

1 Answer

0 votes

this comes automatically (das wird automatisch passieren).


Nur ein Hinweis: hier im Forum ist Englisch die Sprache, die man nutzen sollte :)
by geoGRAV (6.9k points)
thank you for your answer.
I think, the problem is not solved till today.
but what am I able to do???