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0 votes

Will ever work achieved by coloring badge territorial units in the State of Amenia. Or is the problem associated with the territory of Nagorno-Karbach?

in Support and help by myrathor (780 points)
Can you describe in more detail? Mabye with a link of the bad coloring?
The badge does not change color depending on the achievement of the findings of districts in the state. Bronze / silver / gold........

1 Answer

0 votes
When you move mouse over your Armenia badge it says that Project-GC does not have sufficient map information for Armenia and therefore they can't produce quality badges for Armenia. Probably nothing related to Nagorno-Karabakh region, but just poor map data in general for this country.

Hmm, found these region shape files online...

Not sure if they can help in making badges for Armenia.
by GCEdo (380 points)
Thank you for answer.