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0 votes
I'll visit Dublin (Ireland) soon and plan to travel to Belfast, just to turn the UK into green on the Europe Map. I'm unsure whether Ulster (Ireland) really does the job. Where can I check the polygons for a specific country use in project-gc. are they different from the ones use on
in Support and help by HeXaHeBeSt (500 points)
I have the same trouble :-(

1 Answer

0 votes
Unfortunately has put Ulster as a region in Ireland, so the map does not change colour.

As far as I know PGC  follows
by vogelbird (Expert) (53.8k points)
Seems is making a very political statement for Ulster!
The whole of the UK is incorrect you cannot select regions and when you want to select counties you get regions. The Isle of Man is a country. I think that groundspeak should use more of wikipedia.