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0 votes
The question is:

Is there a number within the cache name?

in Miscellaneous by Mausebiber (120 points)

2 Answers

0 votes
Yes, it's possible to check if there is a number in the title.

if you have some challenge with this condition, I can do the checker for you
by jpavlik (Expert) (18.5k points)
Thanks a lot for your answer. Can you please post the code so I can use it in the challenge checker?

Best greetings
0 votes does htis for you.  However, this tag is to find any cache with a number anywhere in the name.  Is that what your challenge needs?  Just one find?  Seems too trivial.  Or do you mean a number embedded in the middle, not at the begging or end of the name?  If you give us the GCcode or the full rules I can configure the tag properly.
by SeekerSupreme (5.0k points)
This is the cache challenge:

Here are the rules:

Find 111 Mystery cache.
Out of those 111 mystery cache, 10 must have numbers 0-9 in the title (the number can be anywhere in the title)
No duplicate cache titles where only the number varies like:  "Nice day 1", "nice day 2", "nice day 3"...

I have found a script that shows numbers at the beginning of the title, but I was actually looking for a script which finds numbers at any place in the title.

I expected to program a checker which fulfills this condition is much easier, so since only ten different mysteries were required, I found those manually by looking at "my finds"

Thanks a lot for all your help.  Best greetings and always happy caching
Yep, this sounds like a very custom challenge that would probably require its own script.  "No duplicate cache titles where only the number varies" is rather unique too.

Checking for existence a number within a string in LUA is pretty easy, just do StringFind (cache_name,"%d") and check that the result in not nil.  But that;s the easy part of your challenge.  "No duplicate cache titles where only the number varies" is harder to program.
i went ahead and deleted my tag since it does not meet the requirements of this challenge.