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GC5QZ3B needs a checker

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Hi all,

it would be nice to have a checker for GC5QZ2B. The checker needs to check if one has find 5 out (currently) 18 mysteries. The series is constantly growing. You will find the current list in the listing to TB TB6QW7A.

The checker should seek for mysteries containing "Berka-Mystery" to find all current caches. Afterwards it has to check if the candidate has enough mysteries logged so that their starting letters form the sentence "ICH HABE FÜNF BERKA MYSTERIE GELOGGT".

Thanks for your help.

asked Apr 27, 2015 in (OBSOLETE) Checker requests by Navigator47495 (220 points)

1 Answer

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The checker cannot seek for caches worldwide containing any parts in cache names. On the other hand searching for a fixed string could result in false positives. Therefor you should create a bookmark list, fill it with the corresponding mysteries and use the bookmark guid.

After having done that a checker could search through all the bookmarked caches and check if the cacher has found five of them.

There is a checker already by Bookmark Challenges

Auf Deutsch: Du solltest eine Bookmark Liste erstellen, in der alle diese Caches gelistet sind und die Guid der Bookmark Liste verwenden. Ein geeigneter Checker würde dann diese Liste verwenden können. Danach könnte ein Checker geschrieben oder ein bereits vorhandener getaggt werden.

Es gibt bereits einen Checker, der genau das macht, leider nicht so wirklich auf deutsch: Bookmark Challenges (by


    "bookmark": "put-your-bookmark-guid-here",
    "value": "5",
    "hiden": "true",
    "text": "your challenge cache name here",
    "list": "true"


answered Apr 27, 2015 by hampf (4,280 points)
selected Apr 27, 2015 by Navigator47495
Thanks for the quick response. I agree a bookmark list will help. I just created one that I will maintain once the will be published a new mystery.