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0 votes

Find 21 caches. Each must have between 1-6 characters in their title and you must find the corresponding number of caches to characters in the title.

Spaces do not count, but any other characters - letters, numbers, symbols - do.

So... find one cache with 1 character in the title, two caches with 2 characters, three caches with 3 character titles, etc. right up to six.

in Miscellaneous by Metamor (170 points)

3 Answers

0 votes
by SeekerSupreme (5.0k points)
0 votes
by jpavlik (Expert) (18.5k points)
damm, now I see that the checker is already done by SeekerSupreme. Hopelessly, this morning the site had some problem so I've not possibility to finish it. However, there is no problem
0 votes
Thank you. I still need two, but now I know it.
by Metamor (170 points)