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I am unable to search for challenge caches on the Map of Challenge Caches page. This is because the server has remembered my filter settings (WHY???) and I cannot turn off the D/T settings. I can change them but cannot turn them off.

Firstly, please change the D/T pick list behaviour so that clicking a selected rating turns it off, so that we can search for challenges of any D/T. Secondly, if the server must remember the settings (eg for user convienience) it is probably better that this is saved in the cookie. (or, if you are going to save my settings on the server, then don't use a cookie at all! And yes, I did delete all my cookies - no effect.

I have the problem in Firefox. Opened up IE, which I have not used for a year, and it showed exactly the same filter settings, demonstrating that they are stored on the server.

This has brought my checker writing to a halt. Sorry you guys who are waiting on me :-(

Okay, I found a work-around - I can edit the URL to remove the D/T settings. So I can get back to work on challenge checkers now.


Thanks, Tom (the Seagnoid)
in Bug reports by the Seagnoid (Expert) (42.9k points)

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You should be able to ctrl-click to deselect an item as it is a standard operating system/web browser widgit. However I do agree it would be useful if the lists had a blank (empty string) option to select if you don't want any restriction, I'm not sure how you are meant to deselect all on touch devices like phones or tablets and a blank (or 'any') entry is more intuitive.
by mole125 (Expert) (21.1k points)
selected by the Seagnoid (Expert)
Touch devices solves this by having the behaviour of on/off for every click. Like a checkbox-list. At least this is how android does it.

I don't see any reason to change anything here. This is standard behaviour. How it works depends on the web browser. But it's a standard multi select box, created for the purpose that we are using it for.
I think the problem is that most people aren't used to working with multi-click list boxes and the way Microsoft choose to implement it on Windows is absolutely unintuitive - there's no indication or way to know that pressing ctrl does anything unless someone tells you. Once a 'normal' person clicks they are unlikely to find the way to de-click. It sounds like the android implementation is far far better.

That said you do have the clear and reset buttons which provide an escape so most people should get there one way or the other in the end.
I do see a reason to change things. The reason is: That I had to ask. Even the message "ctrl-click to deselect" under the pick lists would be helpful. PGC uses a selectable blank row at the top of other lists. It would be nice if PGC set a standard for its site and stuck to it.