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+3 votes

I'm sure it's in there somewhere, but I can't seem to find the good old "logged attributes" overview (formerly located at in the new menu structure. Does anyone know where it's hiding?

in Miscellaneous by jacobsedk (500 points)

1 Answer

+5 votes
Best answer
That page has been removed since all the attributes are listed at the bottom of the Finds tab of your Profile Stats page anyway.
by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (166k points)
selected by jacobsedk
Ah, that makes perfectly good sense. I'll update my "Almost All Attributes" challenge ( accordingly.
The correct way for a challenge would be to have a challenge-checker. It is possible to create one for attribute challenges with current scripts. Though it is a bit cumbersome to find out the IDs that is needed for the checker. But I will look into it for you.
That would be even better. Thank you.

(I will miss the graphical part, though. To me, a short "You're qualified" message is much less satisfying than looking at the chart with all the attributes filled in. But that's probably just becuase I used to collect stamps.)
That is fixable. And if you don't get it today, I think we can fix it for you the next week. It needs some server side implementations for the checker to be able to produce the icons though (in a reasonable way).
So a special-purpose challenge checker (like the one for "360 Degrees Of ...", only much simpler)? That would be even cooler, of course! Whatever you come up with, I'll be proud to include, graphical representation or not.
All checkers can produce html-output as well. But most chose to not do it. It won't be a part of "Example log". But you can always mention that you want a screenshot of the produced attribute-list.
Sounds great.
My challenge has been tagged by pinkunicorn using GentlyPurpleRain's fabulous "Cachettributes" script. Well done! I've updated the cache description accordingly. Case closed.