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I cannot download newly created GPX files from my Virtual GPS.  GPX files created some while ago and still in my job queue download OK.

I have recreated a GPX job from the same Virtual GPS, (i.e. no changes to the number of cache in the VGPS).  The old GPX downloads OK, the new one doesn't

I have tried Chrome and IE 11.  Same results.  In each case the browser hangs at (for example)
in Bug reports by OldTavernMan (440 points)
I have the same problem. I have just created a GPX file from the Virtual GPS and after the job is completed, I cannot download the file. I see only a blank page

Could this please be resolved?
Thanks in advance!
Same here, the older GPX (up to the one that I created 3 days ago) are working, but if I create new ones, they are built, but the download link results in an empty page.

1 Answer

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I have created several new GPX files from the Virtual GPS and after completion they can be downloaded again.


by Harko72 (4.9k points)
selected by OldTavernMan
Ah, thanks Harnold.  All working fine again thanks