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greasemonkey script bug - Project-GC map (incl found)

0 votes
Thanks for the great new greasemonkey script.
It's very cool and integrates project-gc information nicely.

I found a problem with the links "Project-GC map (incl found)" at the top right below the gc code url.

It sends me to the project-gc map compare page with a location "undefined,undefined".
I would have expected the cache coordinates to be specified as the location.
asked May 8, 2015 in Bug reports by bfiu (880 points)
I worked in earlier versions
the bug is introduced in 1.2.5 where the coordinates are undefined. They are correct in 1.2.4
This it the case in chrome on windows.
I looked at the code difference and there en not a obvious reason for the problem

1 Answer

0 votes
I moved some code around and accidently broke it. It's fixed in the latest version again.
answered May 8, 2015 by magma1447 (Admin) (218,480 points)
Is there any prominent download link on the pgc page where I can check for updates and load the latest version?
The very latest versions will exist at github,

But it has also been released to greasyfork, in version 1.3.1 I think.

We are up to 1.4.1 now.

You should be able to update from within the browser, that willwork best as long as you stick to greasyfork. In Chrome you click the tampermonkey icon and then check for updates.