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asia map is different

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the "new" Asia map in the map section of the profil statistic isnt in the same style like the Europe map or the world map. First the mapboundary is to small - Russia is cutted on the northern and eastern end. Furthermore it seems that Asia is a island, because the "non-asian" countries are in blue (ocean too). In the Europe map all countries which arent belonging to Europe are grey colored.

A similar issue is on the Kazachstan map - the map boundary is to small. Northern parts are cutted.


Hopefully there is a chance to fix this optical issue.
asked May 11, 2015 in Bug reports by smellfooth (3,600 points)

1 Answer

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similar issue on the map of Sweden! Lake Vättern and Lake Vänern are only grey. Other lakes in Asia are blue. Thought you are from Sweden?!
answered May 16, 2015 by smellfooth (3,600 points)