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Challenge is done if you reach 15 or more points with your ten oldest caches found.

How to get points:

  • a cache found with a four-digit GC-Code (e.g. GCH8C4 oder GC1FAC) is worth 1 point
  • a cache found with a three-digit GC-Code (e.g. GC427 oder GC26C) is worth 2 points
  • a cache found with a two-digit GC-Code (e.g. GC40) is worth 4 points
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in Miscellaneous by DrHool (3.4k points)
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1 Answer

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by SeekerSupreme (5.0k points)
selected by DrHool
Hi SeekerSupreme,
thanks for the script. The result (challenge fulfilled) works fine, but the output doesn't show the ten oldest found caches. Is there a possibility to sort the caches by publish date before analysing the length of the GC-Code? I looked at the source code but i'm not very skilled in this program language ...
Fixed.  I had not caught that, poor German skills.  Fixed now.
Wow, that was fast! Great work, thank you!