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0 votes
I created the dynamic image HTML code and pasted this into my bio field of my public profile. When saved, it doesn't show the image just a little icon that links to my profile stats image on Project-GC. What am I doing wrong?
in Support and help by IsaacNMe (120 points)

1 Answer

0 votes

Can you check again?

From my point of view everything looks OK.

Your profile on shows the statistics from Project-GC just fine.


by Harko72 (4.9k points)
Hi Harnold, I've tried it again, refreshing the page etc. but I'm still not seeing the image displayed. I've checked on my laptop and Kindle Fire so it's not my device either. Strange.
When I click on the statistics I get this:
"NornIrishman has choosen to hide their statistics from others."

Maybe you should go to
and uncheck "Hide my profile stats from others"
and check the other settings also
Hi. To complete  harnoldkompagnie answer, I checked your profile at this adress : and I can see the statistics too.