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0 votes
Can a challenge checker be created for GC38GBN - Alphanumeric - for both CO name and Cache name


Catch is this rule:

All qualifying cacher names and/or caches must have been activated prior to January 15, 2012



in Miscellaneous by vpdj (600 points)

2 Answers

0 votes
Contacted the experts and they have shown me that this is possible:
Cache activation = Placed date = hidden date
Cacher Activation = Date Member (CO) joined = PGC_GetMembershipCreatedDate(profileId)



VPDJ - Paul J

by vpdj (600 points)
edited by vpdj
"hidden date or last publish date"?  It would be nice to have a firm position.  Which is?
Hidden Date
Modified answer to match
0 votes
It's done

however, you did'nt fulfill it. You missing titles begining with 0 and 7 and owners begining with 1 and 8.

I've seen that many cachers that have log this cache was non fulfilled the challenge as they have found many caches and owners joined or hidden after the january 15,2012. I'm contacting the owner asking him if he want to remove this condition, however you have non fulfilled the challenge neither with this simpler condition, you have never found an owner begining with 8.
by jpavlik (Expert) (18.5k points)