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There is a web that maintains a list of geocaches with similar theme called geopuzzle. That can be for example Wooden Churches in Slovakia, Castles in Hungary, Caves in Czech, Summits in Europe etc. (

This is quite popular in Slovakia & Czech Republic. (

There is an xml exports of the caches in particular geopuzzle. (

The system is open, I have created 2 geopuzzle and I think this can be spread to other countries and become popular there.

My Question is Could you add this geopuzzle stats to Profile stats at project-gc?

Geopuzzle is generated also by other geo stats generators: GSAK, GeoGet, MyFound and MoziGo.

Geopuzzle stats look like in my profile:

in Feature requests by lj. (170 points)
retagged by lj.
I would also very much appreciate this feature and moreover, it should not be difficult to implement it.

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