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Remove tags for non-challenges named "NRW 53 Challenge #xxx"

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In the German state North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) we have a nice series of caches called "NRW 53 Challenge". One cache in each of the 53 counties/county-level cities in NRW plus bonus cache are planned. There are 20 in the moment.

They have different owners, most of them are mysteries. Since they are called "NRW 53 Challenge #Kreis xxxx" (xxxx for the name of each county/city, e.g. "Bonn") they of course all come up in the challenge map on PGC.

What I personally do not like is the idea to create challenge checkers for most of them, which was done by user "c0re" who tagged the script "Not really a challenge (by SeekerSupreme)" to

GC3QVJ3 - NRW 53 Challenge #Bielefeld
GC3WNJW - NRW 53 Challenge #Rheinisch-Bergischer Kreis
GC3WQ22 - NRW 53 Challenge #Kreis Siegen-Wittgenstein
GC3X7VB - NRW 53 Challenge #Kreis Gütersloh
GC3XMYB - NRW 53 Challenge #ESSEN
GC3YAW5 - NRW 53 Challenge #Kreis-Olpe
GC40AYK - NRW 53 Challenge #Kreis Düren
GC36WQQ - NRW 53 Challenge #Bonn
GC3WMYG - NRW 53 Challenge #Leverkusen
GC3WMZW - NRW 53 Challenge #Köln
GC3WPJ4 - NRW 53 Challenge #Mülheim an der Ruhr
GC3X0GW - NRW 53 Challenge #Kreis Mettmann
GC3X188 - NRW 53 Challenge #Düsseldorf

Since these caches are puzzles rather than real challenges I would prefer to drop the tags to these caches.



asked May 19, 2015 in Miscellaneous by E.U.S.A.L (880 points)
I too like to get them off the challenge checker map, but they have to be get a mark first. Maybe Ganja can create an extra sign like a question mark for those challenges which are tagged with the script of SeekerSupreme
I would love for there to be a third outcome "unknown" for checkers.  It would be useful fir this scripts and for others that cannot conclusively determine yes/no.
In my opinion in a first step the tags should be removed. Of course the caches will still show up in the map. But there will neither be a green checkmark nor a red stop sign like any other real challenge without an implemented checker.

In a second step a black list for non - challenges with the word challenge in its name could be established.

There is just no need and sense to have a challenge checker bound to a non - challenge cache.
Yes, there is a need.  The need is to get them off the map of "challenges without a checker".  You may not agree with the need, but some us do.  I think we all agree that the ideal ultimate goal is to have an "inconclusive" answer rather than just yes or no, but until then neither solution is great.  Pick your evil.
Ok. Just a last comment. I understand your point of view ('get them of the map of "challenges without a checker" ').

For me the target should be to clean ALL the challenge-maps from non-challenge-caches. They just appear because they call themselves "*challenge*".

These caches are no challenges => No need for a checker/tag => No need for an "inconclusive" checker-answer (for theese caches).

Even if I had an "inconclusive" checker-answer these non-challenge-caches would show up at least on some challenge maps with some new whatever mark allthough they are not challenges.

I should rewrite my issue to "Don't show non-challenge-caches on challenge maps". I understand the problem behind it ("challenge" in the name of non-challenge-caches).

Never mind, I'll just ignore them from now on ;-)

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