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Customized map that displays challenge caches in which you qualify?

0 votes
I would enjoy a map, based on your successful challenge checker results, that displays challenge caches in which you qualify.

This could be a map with the country - state - county filters perhaps?
asked May 20, 2015 in Feature requests by TerraViators (8,120 points)
You can already view the challenge caches that you qualify for on the map (you can select specific area). They have a small green check sign on their down right corner. (It works for the challenges that have a checker, otherwise the icon is orange and there is bo sign).

1 Answer

+2 votes
Best answer
This is already possible through the "Map of challenge caches" in the Tools section. It shows all the challenges you qualify for with a green checker. But only if that challenge has a checker of course.
answered May 21, 2015 by swirlynail (2,980 points)
selected Oct 9, 2018 by TerraViators