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0 votes
Hello, can someone say me what are benchmarker, waymarker, Lost and found  in BadgeGen?

Thanks for answer
in Support and help by MTE59 (250 points)

1 Answer

+6 votes
The Benchmarker and Waymarker badges are about other games (Benchmarking and Waymarking) that are created by Groundspeak but which are not geocaching. Thus, they are not included in Project-GC's version of BadgeGen.

Lost & Found events were events held during a short period around geocaching's 10th anniversary. If you didn't visit one then you have no way of doing so later. (In my opinion, it was a bad idea to make them a special cache type to begin with; that kind of thing is much better done as a souvenir.)
by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (179k points)
Thanks for your interesting answer.