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0 votes
GC1YBTB  Serfaus 3001  is a mystery and I have found an loggt it. Look to my "Found it"  08/23/2012.

The Start-Position is by 2.408m above sea level and the final is the top of the mountain "Furgler" (~3004m above sea level).  
I would like to get the 3000m in altitude rating! Can you do that ???
best regards
in Miscellaneous by Geo-Jgr (140 points)

1 Answer

+2 votes
This might boil down to the fact the PGC does not know about the correct coordinates and hence can only use the original coordinates (from the listing) to compute the elevation. I am not entirely sure whether PGC will use corrected coordinates to determine the elevation once they are present, but I think it does not. With that in mind, it won't be possible, unfortunately, as the original location is at 2408m and that's the only one PGC knows about.
by swirlynail (3.0k points)
That's a pity, it would have been my one and only 3000.

This is correct. Project-GC uses the posted coordinates for the elevation of caches regardless of whether that's where the box is or not (since we don't have the final coordinates). Also note that we use external sources to figure out the elevation for each point, and these databases normally return an average height for 30 or even 90 meters.