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0 votes
Checker asks for us to put together a winning set of hands for cribbage following certain rules.
in Miscellaneous by pcc322 (360 points)
A complete correct checker in impossible to go because of the rule
"If for some reason your cache names has nothing but A, J, Q, K, I, L, O, S and/or U...send me a email and I will respond with a random letter to be your wild card."
But if that case is ignored it is possibel
Target:  For my purposes, and for many others, I believe, the wild card provision could probably be ignored.  I have never played Cribbage, and as I started to read the rules so I could understand the challenge, my eyes went crossed.  Can a checker be posted with the caveat that it doesn't make use of the wild card?

1 Answer

+1 vote
I've built a checker, which implements the wildcard in normal circumstances but ignores the random wild card. I'm just confirming a couple of inconsistencies with the CO on his posted list before I publish the checker.
by sumbloke (Expert) (35.1k points)
No reply from the CO in nearly two weeks, so I'm publishing it anyway. Checker is