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Greasemonkey script doesn't work on Firefox? [closed]

+4 votes


After I have installed Greasemonkey on my Firefox, and also the last version of the script of the Tampermonkey site (and then browser-reboot and so on...), the script doesn't seems to work on Firefox? 

However in Chrome work great!





May I forgot one step or something? Or there is a bug...?

Thank you :-)



closed with the note: Solved!
asked May 30, 2015 in Bug reports by Dandroider (630 points)
closed Jun 9, 2015 by Dandroider
YEAH!! Now it works!! :-)
Thank you for your help. Greatly appreciated, hopefully not the least from other users. I will try to make a release of a new script today or tomorrow. It takes up to 24h for them to auto-update.
Great! Thank you! :-)
Yeah, it works - GREAT!!
Sorry for not responding earlier this afternoon – but summer just decided to hit ground here in Germany!   ;-)
Great job, guys: it works well now. Good show!

4 Answers

0 votes
Same problem here. Seems like the script doesn't work anymore with the last Firefox-update.
answered May 31, 2015 by DrHool (3,360 points)
Same here stopped working in firefox
Just received the script update - it works fine again. Thanks to Dandroider and ganja1447. Great Job!
0 votes
It has stopped working during the last 24/48 hours - both on Firefox and on Firefox Developer Edition.

Probably a browser update.
answered Jun 1, 2015 by Team Dreggen 2 (220 points)
0 votes
Very strange. I have tried to

* uninstall/reinstall the script

* install greasemonkey + script on a new computer

* remove other scripts (Geocaching Map Enhancements)

...and nothing works.


I already love this script so much, that I actually took the time to install chrome/tampermonkey/both scripts and there everyting works fine :)
answered Jun 2, 2015 by Team Dreggen 2 (220 points)
0 votes
For me it doesn't work on neither browser. It stopped working on firefox maybe a week ago, so i tried it with tampermonkey on chrome but it does not work there either. I really like the script so its too bad that its not working.
answered Jun 4, 2015 by Tyfting (310 points)
edited Jun 4, 2015 by Tyfting
After the update to 1.4.5 it now works for me, thanks.