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Notifier for pictures in logs

+17 votes
You offer already notifiers for edited logs and for FPs, which I both find very handy.

Is it also possible to get notified if someone adds pictures to a log (for a cache that I have hidden)? That would be very interesting!
asked May 31, 2015 in Feature requests by tadaima (12,450 points)
I agree, for instance to check that no one has dowloaded a spoiler picture of my cache... Another interesting thing would be for my non traditional caches a marker for logs images downloaded with coordinates in EXIF data.
I totally agree also - that function would be really helpful!
+1 from me on this - excellent idea if it's possible.
Yes, indeed, I would appreciate that as well.

1 Answer

+5 votes
Best answer
This function i now avalibale, go to and you will find it under "Notifiers" (You have to be a paying menmer)
answered Sep 20, 2015 by CSundseth (770 points)
selected Jan 19, 2016 by tadaima
Just had notification of all photos uploaded so far (I presume this is a one-off) - superb! Keep up the good work :-)
It works good! Thanks for implementing it!
Thank you CSundseth for finding this topic and informing original poster. I just found it myself, but you were definitely faster. :)
Thanks for this. Have just tried it out for images and FP's and will look forward to seeing how it works.