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Can we please remove the new Search field in the top bar? [closed]

+1 vote
The newly introduced (without a newspost, huh?) search field in the top bar makes it go over two lines (on my laptop screen, the browser has roughly 1000x720 pixels to draw itself, including menu bar, toolbar, content, scroll bars, status line).

I also see no purpose in it, as it merely mirrors what's available in the menus.

When I go to e.g. my Settings page, the top bar hides the first lines of the page content.

Can we please remove it?
closed with the note: fixed
asked Jun 12, 2015 in Bug reports by mirabilos (2,680 points)
closed Sep 2, 2015 by mirabilos
It screws up my notebook display too.
Hm, even with my huge 1280x1024 display at work it’s two lines, even though it “should” have fit, optically.

2 Answers

+5 votes
I don't mind the search field as such but I agree that the extra space taken up by a two-line menu is a problem.
answered Jun 13, 2015 by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (148,690 points)
Why don't you make the field half the width, you only type few characters anyway to get a unique fit from the menu items? That would immediately alleviate the issue as the two line menu would get less likely.
With less than 1000 pixels in width (think Netbook) it won’t help, the bar was packed already. But you could make it configurable in user settings. Two ideas: turn on/off individual icons, and have icon sizes (small/medium/large).
The two line menu hides the notification for new updates in my Firefox, so please make it removeable. Thx.
0 votes
Best answer
The search bar is gone, the top bar is one line only now, and I can see the “You have unread news” again, which was before hidden by the two-line top bar.

Thanks all!
answered Sep 2, 2015 by mirabilos (2,680 points)
It is visible depending on resolution
visible at 1920 with but hidden at 1280 in width
A future check show that is becomes visible if i zoom the page. The code is probably if it will fit without a problem it will be visible
It's still a work in progress. Right now we remove search+vgps+messages+queue at once. With next iteration we will probably remove one item at a time.