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Night-owl and Scuba cacher badges?

+3 votes

Hello, I know these badges cannot be calculated (and awarded) using the attributes, but would it be a good idea to use a tagging system like the one used for the FTFs?

Every geocacher can put a tag in his log for every night cache or scuba cache, like {*SCUBA*} and {*NIGHT*}, and the system could calculate which and how many caches of that type the user has found, and then award the corresponding badge. Would it be possible?


asked Jun 14, 2015 in Feature requests by ilTozzo (350 points)
nice idea, but this would be better solved on cache basis, not log basis, since the cache is night or diving for everybody, not like FTF's. Better would be to employ owners, who would be able to put some hidden tag into listing to mark the caches or community to collect bookmark lists. There is still not much of them.
I understand, but this would mean that every owner of a night or scuba cache should tag it: it would be impossible, and also there are already some attributes to indicate it that are often misused. With a tag in the logs, the cachers interested in the badges will obtain it and the tags will help identifyng those types of caches, it would be impossible to compare some statistics with other cachers who don't tag their logs, but so is for the FTFs. Probably the best solution would be a bookmark list, but it will take a lot of time and work by the community, and some caches could still be missing, with a single tag it will be a decision of the single cacher about which cache include or not in the scuba or night category..
If anything were to be done about these badges, I would think something closer to the challenge cache exception list would be more likely to work. But it's a very complicated solution to the problem, so I wouldn't expect it to happen in the near future.

1 Answer

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Is possible of The Waymarker Badge?

answered Nov 29, 2018 by Edgar44 (150 points)
The Waymarker is using details that are not available from or through their API. It would require a lot of work to start incorporating the statistics from another website/API into this site. Not saying it will never happen (although it's not within the current scope of this site), but it would take a lot of work.
Thank you.
I added some {* SCUBA *} and {* NIGHT *} to the log but the badges did not happen after 24 hours, what am I doing wrong?
The question above is a proposal, not something that works now.