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0 votes
Two issues:

-the "counter" stops at 9. On some badges (probably the matrix cacher is the most common) a higher number is relevant.

- some badges cant be "doubled", but the text still says how many more you need for the next level. At least that is the case for number of cache types in a day. (And only theoretically for the long distance cacher.
in Bug reports by knuslet (890 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
  1. Project-GC is not the creator of the BadgeGen rules, we have only implemented the design. It's currently defined that 9 is the max by the author of BadgeGen.
    On a personal level, I am not sure that it makes sense to actually allow almost 100 different Diamond badges. There are about 300 people with DT-badge above level 9, with the best at almost level 70. I would guess 200 of those 300 are below 20, which would then lead to that very far from every badge would even be used. I think that 9 different ones is a quite nice cutoff.
  2. This is from what I know already fixed. The 3 badges that can not be looped are: 'The Diverse Cacher', 'Head-In-The-Clouds Award', 'The Long-Distance Cacher'.
by magma1447 (Admin) (225k points)
the "long-distance cacher" diamond badge can be doubled. The antipodal point is 20004km distant (or 20015km using the great circle method), so this diamond cache CAN be doubled. However, is there someone that had do it? Interesting question.
However there is another badge that can NOT be doubled - the "calendar cacher"
It can be doubled. Find two geocaches on each date.

Regardless, these questions should be directed towards BadgeGen and not Project-GC. We are only implementing the rules defined by the creator.