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+2 votes
I have tried some features now on the site and one thing Im missing is a way to ignore caches that I have ignored on I have about 1000 caches, mostly mysts, that I dont want to be shown on the map for several reasons. When I use for example the tool to get all the caches in my county, all of the caches are shown including the ones I want to be ignored.

I see that you can include an ignore bookmark list in the filter in the statistics, but it can not be included when you want to search by region or county. Is there a way that I havent found yet?
in Feature requests by Titanium (680 points)

2 Answers

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There isn't any consistent way of doing this. The ignore list at is not available in the API, therefore we do not support it. The use case in itself seems like a very rare thing to us. Most users has less than a handful of geocaches on their ignore list.

We also work a lot with demand, and the ignore list is something I have heard mentioned less than one time per year I think.
by magma1447 (Admin) (235k points)
Thanks for the answer!

Ah, ok I understand. Maybee my ignore list is a little bit odd compared to others. But my thought is that if i cant solve/get the cache, it doesnt need to be shown on the map. Keeps the map much "cleaner" ;-).
Maybe just simply a manual list to fulfill ? (twice, one time in, one time here)
I have asked for this feature also , so there are some people that would like to use their ignore list from here. If we can't use the one from than why not make one here, can that be done?
Thats a good idea because it can be a lttle "messy" if you want to check the map for certain caches and many of the ones you want to be ignored are still visible.
Hi, I would like to push this up again. I would like to have the option to exclude my ignored caches from the live map, too.
It would be fine if there would be the possibility to ignore a list that has been created and manually filled here on pgc (like TofLaBeuze mentioned), because the ignorelist at is not supported.

Thank you

I have solved this problem by creating a new bookmark list at and then make it public so that it shows in the filters menu when you choose "Ignore bookmark list" here on PGC. Then the ignored ones wont show up on searches.

Problem with this is that if you use both and and wish to ignore them on both sites. You need to ignore each cache twice. A thing that is well worth it if you want it to work though.

But as I almost never use anymore for making PQ:s, it would be great to have a seperate bookmark listing tool on where you could organize and comment on the bookmarks like in, but all done on

And when the Live map has all the future features implemented all you would need is Would be great to see a feature filter that you could choose a bookmark list to ignore there also.

Great work on all the features this site currently has and a big thanks for all that is working hard on it!
Updating yet again on this issue.

I recently discovered that there is a limit of 1000 bookmarks in the lists you create. As I have created a separate own Ignore bookmark list just for caches to not show up on searches, this limit really is a little bit bothering. This means that you have to create more bookmark lists and this in turn means that it will be very hard to handle large amounts of ignored ones.

I have created this list because i want to filter out archived that is not in place and other caches that I don't want to bee seen on the map or being included in GPX:s. It would be very handy with an own bookmark list feature in PGC because of this.
0 votes
Wouldn't it be a solution for you to filter out the mysts?
by Domino_67 (6.8k points)
Thanks for the tip, but as I have almost all the types more or less in the ignore list. That is not a solution. Most of the trads for example are climbing gear required, and as i dont have the equipment for those caches yet, I have put them in ignore list and a separate list for maybe the future.