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I like and frequently use the PQ Splitter functionality on Project GC.

It would be nice if I could take a suggested PQ and then with one click load that one PQ into my Virtual GPS.  There I can then create a ,gpx file.  This allows me to A) force a refresh of cache data on project-gc and B) download it to my local GPS/GSAK which would allow me to catch up on the fast changing recent PQ's.



in Feature requests by sloth96 (3.7k points)

1 Answer

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The Virtual GPS system is not built with the idea to have VGPS-lists with many thousand caches in them. It's built with the idea of cherry picking. For just selecting everything we believe that already fulfills that purpose.

However, we are going to rewrite Virtual GPS this year, and the new system will most likely be much faster. This is something we can reevaluate again when that is done.
by magma1447 (Admin) (224k points)
Ok. Thanks for the insight.  I have mostly used it for large lists very satisfactorily

There are atleast two ways the capability on project-gc is larger than that on  

The first is for caches with placed dates back before the start of caching.  GC40M98 is such an example. I cannot request it with a PQ on

Another feature that the VirtualGPS offers me that I use occassionally is the ability to force a refresh on a cache or group of caches on Project-GC.  This feature is not available on Generating a GPX and insist that all the caches have been updated with the past day does that kind of update.

Is there another way I as a user can insist on a refresh of a cache on project-gc?