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Currently 'Dashboard' page is a summary of links to search functionalities & Project-GC
For me it is not a real dashboard / Tableau de bord in the conceptal sense : with status, figures, gauges etc...

Wouldn't be better to have a page named 'Searchs' and have another named 'Dashboard' in which you could configure what to see from regularly started searchs and counts (in fact like configurable GSAK - FindStatGen)
Configurable to what you want to see entering the project-GC site to see in one eye click all around your geocaching interests.

By exemple: A column about found, one about placed caches, and one or two about trackables
and in the column 'found', the total number found by me, compared to one or more friend, by types, the top in altitude, the last 5 founds by me, etc.. configurable to what you want to see about finding and with some tiny buttons to go further in search...
and in the column 'placed': the total number of placed cache, number of those flagged archive, maintenance, not yet found,  the last 5 found by whom, the middle time between found by type, the ones requiring maintenance with type and since when, your ranking in your department, etc... all configurable...
Same for trackable

Would be nice. This discussion entry to indicate what whould be the ideal dashboard for you .... and so owner of the site who already did a great job could have a view on complementary whishes. It could help you to have your geocaching world on one page like the infography page but updated regularly and specifically for you
in Feature requests by Pepegeo (9.5k points)
I see now that this is announced on top of page in question. I must buy some lenses
Will wait this new announced feature
I think the text has actually been saying that for 3 years. It was the idea, and therefore the name. But due to the fact about the priority you may be correct. The next step will be to make the search parts better. So renaming it might happen.

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To close the question by an formal tagged answer, I see that project-GC do a much better and up to the point work than the recent 'dashboard' of

Very good work from the team (ganja, target, ... ) and community of project-GC

This close the question
by Pepegeo (9.5k points)