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+1 vote
Has anybody ever achieved a full 81 D/T grid with just FTFs?

And if not what is the closest somebody is to achieving this?

Is this a stat you can find anywhere on Project-GC? I know it is available for each individual but probably not as a ranking.
in Miscellaneous by *Cache_or_Check* (850 points)

2 Answers

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Yes I looked at the stats of the cachers with the most FTF
#1 had 79 different DT FTF
#2 had all 81 and atleast 2 on all elements

Edite: correct link
by Target. (Expert) (104k points)
selected by *Cache_or_Check*
This statistic seems a little bit strange to me. 4026 founds with 3818 FTFs? Even more strange, if you look at the first  caches mentioned: the FTFs are not logged by this cacher but by other ones. The FTF-statistic is run by his "FTF"-Bookmarklist, whatever that means.
That is probably correct that that useres FTF list is strange
The top FTF looper clubmud har also made it. They only have 10% FTF and that is more likely. Looping the DT grid 60 times also helps
I think the problem is Bookmarklist of their "FTF-List". They put nearly every cache in this list and so they can fake the statistic ...
If this is cheating...: What is the fun with cheating?
You have to ask them. It might be an mistake and they have added a bookmark as a FTF list on pgc by mistake or misinterpret the config

It looks like the bookmarklist is called Meine Funde ( my finds) so i suspect a mistake
Oh that's cool,
I sure,would like to meet the person that dose their D/T matrix with just FTF.
Why you answer and dont't comment? This topic is 2 years old and has a selcted answere!
@DARKSIDAN I have a full ftf dt grid
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I don't think that it's possible to analyse this correctly, because of the fact that FTFs are not an "official feature" of geocaching. Project-GC would have the same problems to identify who was the first who found a cache, if there isn't a manual marker ({FTF} or the like) from a FTF hunter, when there are multiple found it logs at the first day.
by crissar (590 points)
I realise that this relies on each cacher marking their log with the appropriate tag. But most FTF hunters are pretty diligent in doing this. And since the stat is included for each individual and since there are quite a few other FTF stats I figured it would be relatively easy to create a graph.
I just find the occasional FTF, but I am still up to 42 grid combinations.