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+1 vote
I can't get to the filters on the live map as the project GC header covers it?  Any ideas how to fix this?
in Support and help by butrflygirl (230 points)
I confirm, on my 1680 pixels wide the top line is on one line and if i reduce the width of the window to less, it spread on 2 lines hidding the scale menu. It's already the same if I reduce the resolution of screen on the PC to 1440 pix. Then it is impossible to have the window of gc-project wider and the menu is always partially hidden. Probably to solve taking into consideration the width of window and the fact that the top line have to be reduced for smaller width like it is done in Ms-Office by exemple (only an icon in place of a full field with text when the width is smaller)

2 Answers

0 votes
At least a little help could be to press crtl + '-' (control & minus).
by crissar (590 points)
0 votes
We will look in to this soon. Probably a small mistake we have added lately.
by magma1447 (Admin) (229k points)