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+5 votes
Today if I need to authenticate to there will be a blue button in the top right corner. When clicking this button I expect to reach the authentication page, but instead there is an intermediate step which informs about the auth process. On this page there is another auth-button to click to get on with the authentication.

My proposal is to remove this intermediate step. You could add a question mark or "what's this" near the auth button on the top right, if it's needed at all. Or set a server side cookie so that the intemediate page is shown the first time.
in Feature requests by linsrille (460 points)
Seems a reasonable request, if it's technically possible. I don't know why somebody down-voted it.
It's good idea, I want it too.
Good idea

I also want that

1 Answer

0 votes
This should be solved, and when we do it, it will most likely be using the custom filters. But it could also be that we add an seperate actual elevation filter.

The ETA is unknown though.
by magma1447 (Admin) (237k points)