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0 votes
I would really appreciate a checker for the KREIS GUTERSLOH CHALLENGE GC5JHCX.

Mission is to to find a cache in all 16 cities in the county of Gutersloh (Germany) in 24h.

in Miscellaneous by Leirum (290 points)
It is possible. But somone has to create the polygons that describes the cities. They an probably be extracted from osm if a read the page correctly. And a polygon checker has to be modified to check for the in a day part

1 Answer

0 votes
Thank You for the answer. And yes, of course: The boundaries of the cities in the county of Gutersloh are visible on OSM.

Is there an easy way to learn axtracting these polygons from OSM (I don't have a clue...) or – even better – is there anyone interrested in doing so!?  ;-)
by Leirum (290 points)