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I tried to get all the caches in Lerum from the Tools/Counties section. But when i draw a circle around all of them, I only get 999 in the Virtual GPS, when there is in fact more showing on the map. A bug or something?

Another thing i noticed was when i selected the countie Göteborg, not all caches are shown that exists in that county. Also a bug or is it limitations on how many can be shown? I have both unavailable and archived caches checked to be seen.

in Bug reports by Titanium (680 points)
There probibly is a limitation/bug by adding with the drawing tool of 999 caches.
I cant see a differers on mapcompare and the Map Counties map for Göteborg. Can you post a screenshoot of the difference?

A better and faster metod to add all caches in a county is to use map compare
Use the list below and select all and add top the vgps and all will be added
Thanks for the answer!
It worked great with map compare metod, but still only 999 caches with the writing tool.

Here is the screenshots for Counties vs Map Compare. As you can see there are lots of caches missing from the counties tool.
Hello again!
I checked if the problems still exist and they are. Have you looked at the screenshots?
I now compared the maps again. Both map compare and counties tool. If I uncheck to not see Archived and Disabled. All caches becomes visible that was hidden before in the Counties tool for Gothenburg.
Question: Is it a limit on how many caches can be shown at once when you use the Counties tools vs the Map Compare that seems like it is unlimited or higher in caches visible?
I tried it in heavy cache counties and Gothenburg has over 4000 with the archived once included. Stockholm seems to show all of them in the Counties tool and it holds over 2000 caches.
Reason why im doing this is that i use the Counties tool alot because it is easier to navigate around counties when you see them on the map.
The difference was obvious on those images. I have no idea about limitations and the reason for the bug that is a question for ganja1447

A workaround is to use two tabs. One for the counties tools and see what where the counties are and look at the name and filter with it in mapcompare.

I dont realy understand why you what all caches in a county and change them on the map. Limit the data on map compare with the Center/radius filter if all caches in the state is to slow. Just copy the GC code from a cache on the current map to move the center to it. And it is faster to just show what you are interested in

My first suggest was to use map compare but archived are not shown.

If you are only intrested in archived you can use a custom filter to only show them
Hi and thanks for the replys.
Have you told him about it?

Thats a good suggestion about two tags if there is a limit to the counties map tool.

I know what you mean to limit the caches, but as i never know where i might end up in a county, I want to have all of them listed in case of so I don't need to do it again because of the time it may take to do the GPX files. Archives are always fun to look for, thats why I always put them in.

That is another good suggestion to split not archived and archived.

Thing is, I would like to "trust" the Conties tool to show all available caches at once and not be unsure if all of them is there. Both map compare and counties tool have small different features that i like so.

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