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50 logged caches/month,  12 months in a row,  within a calendaryear


100 logged caches/month, 6 months in a row, within a calendaryear


Thanks a lot! 

in Miscellaneous by Zontjuven (2.0k points)

2 Answers

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I've created a checker and tagged it with both of your challenges. Please verify that they work as expected.
by Ländin (2.0k points)
selected by magma1447 (Admin)
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Many thanks!
I've tried them out and sadly none of them works properly.

On the first:
100 a month
6 months in a row
within a calenderyear

I get the right outcome, but the checker says that I'm not qualifyed.

On the second
50 finds a month
12 months i a row
within a calenderyear

I get exactly the same answer as above (the first checker)

When I look at the "Etikettkonfiguration:"
it says:
    "limit": "100",
    "months": "6"

Maybe this is the problem??

Wish I knew how to fix this by myselves.... Maybe it's easy?
OK. I made the configuration wrong, but that's changed now. Still it says you're not qualified for 100/6. I'm working on a fix.
I'd forgotten to return the OK so PGC didn't know that you passed the check. I tried the checker for a couple of people from the cache listing and it works for them usernames.
@Ländin There is a nice feature when creating checkers. There is a button with the text "Verify tag" (or something similar). It will run tests on the 10 latest who logged the challenge.

If your checker works, it's likely that most/all of them will get an ok.
0 votes
Pls specify your question
by puschl (210 points)
The question is if someone can make these two checkers for my challenges?