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+2 votes

I like the statistics about the different counties (German: "Landkreise"), but does anyone know a handy solution how to quickly find out, in which county I currently am? I know I could find all caches that belong to a certain county, but I would prefer to know in which county I currenty am to then look for nearby caches. I googled this, but did not find an appropriate app/ tool that provides me this information.

Best regards
in Miscellaneous by svenv01 (260 points)

1 Answer

+3 votes
In "Tools" -> "County/Region You will get a map. If you click the "Show me where I am" button at the left in the mapYou will see where You are, and what regions You have logged a cache in.
by Zontjuven (2.0k points)
Thanks Zontjuven, this is helpful for me also.